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Please take the time to read the rules before posting:

1. Please respect your fellow posters.
Treat them as you would like to be treated.

2. There is zero tolerance for the following:

- Racism
- Homophobia
- Gender Bias
- Stupidity
- Profanity
- Puck Bunnies
- Discussions of a sexual nature
- Advertising products or services without permission.

3. The NOOF is strictly for discussing OHL hockey. If you would like to discuss issues outside the Ontario Hockey League or outside of hockey in general, please vist The NOOF LOUNGE. Discussions on The NOOF regarding former OHL players will be limited to those who have played in the league within the last 12 months.

4. Everyone can view posts, however only registered users can submit a post. Please register if you would like to contribute to the discussion.

5. Please respect the privacy of fellow posters. The posting of pictures, phone numbers, addresses, or other personal information that may violate someone's privacy is prohibited.

6. The board moderators reserve the right to delete any post or thread, or ban any user at our sole discretion.

7. If cutting and pasting a story from another website or media outlet, please make sure you properly credit the organization and author. It is preferred that you just mention a bit of the story and then provide a direct link to it for people to read for themselves.

8. The opinions expressed on this message forum are strictly those of the individual posters, and do not reflect the opinions of the administrators/moderators, hosting providers and anyone else directly associated with the operation of this message board.

9. Users are solely responsible for what they post. While this forum is monitored on a regular basis, the moderators/administrators will not be held responsible for messages posted unless those posts are created by said moderators/administrators.

10. Do not put images/pictures in your posts or signature. Please only include a link. This helps speed up access to the site for users on dial-up or mobile internet connections.

And finally, before you post, please watch:
It's good for a laugh, yet the concept holds true here.

Please direct any questions, complaints, or comments regarding this board to: or use the private message function of the board.

Thank You.
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