Playoff predictions!

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Re: Playoff predictions!

Postby feedback » Fri Apr 10, 2015 8:31 am

Eagle Vision wrote:Soo over Guelph in 5 - Soo's so-so netminding, and Guelph's (strongest standing in the West in my opinion) netminding will conspire to give the Storm at least one victory here in round two. They have a couple of horses who have done it before and will rally the troops. The Storm have to play physical and torment the Greyhounds if they want to make this series interesting.

Erie over London in 6 - Erie's goaltending will make this series interesting. If Hunter was worried about Maaskant's play with Domi he should be three times as concerned with Donnay, Genovese and MacDermid running around. Make the series physical on Erie's fowards, and try and skate around their defense. They don't have an insane amount of size up front. They do have two amazing forward lines that should carry the play. Expect Erie to welcome a run-and-gun wide open affair with the Knights. Should be entertaining. I don't think that Parsons can shut this team down.

Oshawa over Niagara in 6 - After playing the upstart 67's I and the Generals having played the Petes, I think that he IceDogs should have the edge out the gate, their play was forced to elevate, can the Generals match it early on?? It's a bad situation for the IceDogs once you chase Hope from the net, there is no viable B-plan.

North Bay over Barrie in 6 - Expect hard hitting, expect tight-checking. Do not expect loads of scoring. Smith with a narrow margin over Blackwood when the chips are down. Expect a dash of OT in this series, more than the others.

Looks like Guelph is gone in 4 .
After watching Erie Eat the Knights on a 5 minute PP last night I think they are gone in 5 ..
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Re: Playoff predictions!



Re: Playoff predictions!

Postby SooBass » Fri Apr 10, 2015 10:56 am

Guelph really seems to have no answer for the insane depth the Soo has. Although I too am not convinced about the goaltending from Halverson and if he falters a 16 year old Raaymakers (who, I might add, I coached in little league ball when he was 5 - major claim to fame! :D )

But the Soo just has so many weapons that on most nights they can negate any goaltending weakness by throwing a pretty close to 'All Star' Team out there. I see it going 5 at the most.

Same with London and Erie - a lot of firepower coming from the Otters, although, not as much of a discrepancy between the two teams. This one should go 6 for Erie.

Oshawa/Niagara - There is a reason the Gens were near the top of the CHL all season and they don't seem to be cooling off. Oshawa in 5.

Barrie/North Bay - Good northern battle - NB has really impressed me this season. Very good defensive team - second only to the Generals. Fairly balanced scoring, albeit underwhelming. Barrie has the big 3 of Blandisi, Labanc and Mangiapane, but then a slight dropoff in pts. While defence typically wins out in the playoffs, I think the Colts and their more offensive and physical game will prevail in 7.
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Re: Playoff predictions!

Postby rollo tape » Tue Apr 14, 2015 8:27 am

...defense wins in the playoffs....stifle the big line..use your secondary scoring superiority..Battalion wins over Generals/Batt is another story..
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Re: Playoff predictions!

Postby storm222 » Tue Jul 21, 2015 10:24 am

rollo tape wrote:...defense wins in the playoffs....stifle the big line..use your secondary scoring superiority..Battalion wins over Generals/Batt is another story..
I know this way way late to reply, but I seldom go on anymore. To bad Nichols was injured when the second round started.
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